MagStrike Pro single system complete komplett

Product description

Absolute shock absorption
Traditional tee mats may look like grass, but the hiting feeling can sometimes be unsatisfying. At the course the head goes through grass and earth, and this feeling you will experience at the MAGSTRIKE hitting mat. The impact is absorbed by the mat and thus protects elbows, wrists shoulders and back.
The Innovation
Thanks to the magnets, which are carefully incorporated into the hitting mat, the MAGSTRIKE creates a magnetic force that levitates the hitting mat literally. A shot feeling is simulated, which is very similar to that on the court.
Valuable training
Practicing on a MAGSTRIKE mat becomes very effective and increases the quality of workouts. Many golfers avoid practicing on conventional mats for fear of injury from the harsh feel, and with some golfers, this practice affects the impact behavior of place, the balls are topped. Using the MAGSTRIKE golfers no longer notice any difference between the feeling of striking on the mat and on the course. The trainingis fun again!
  • Frame: 157 x 124 x 5 cm

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